A Shattered Rabbit's Foot
Season 18, Episode 21
Date Aired:
Merrie Melody:
True Passion
Million Viewers:
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Bugs and Lola are on a date. When the date is over, they go into the parking lot. Lola gets into her car and turns it on. Bugs is about to get into his car, but notices a $10 under Lola's tire. He walks over to Lola's car and is about to pick up the dollar bill, but then Lola begins to drive, and runs over Bugs' right foot. Bugs is rushed to the hospital. Dr. Weisberg says the foot is shattered. The rest of the episode revolves around Lola trying to make it up to him...always resulting in more serious injuries for Bugs.

Voice Cast

Voice-Artist Character(s)
MrJoshbumstead Dr. Weisberg
Doctor Bugs Bugs Bunny
KitKat1894 Lola Bunny

Car Noises


Rarityfan Cashier
Teleram Angered Driver

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