A Tale Of Two Penguins
Season 4, Episode 8
Episode Guide
"Porky Goes To Jail"
"The Hunt Is On"


Bugs just got a new video game system & invites Josh Bumstead to come & play with him. Josh was walking to Bugs's house when he finds two stray peguins. He gets attatched to them & decides to take them home with him. He brings them to Bugs's house as they start to play the system. But the penguins run off & go attacking some of the Looney Tunes. They attack Sylvester, Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, Porky and Gossamar. As Bugs, Daffy & Josh hear about this they go out to find thoes penguins. They were attacking an old person. Josh stops the penguins. Bugs tells him that he shliuld just let the penguins go. It made Josh very sad but he does. So he just decids to get a puppy instead.



Bugs: This game system has like up to all the classics in it.

Josh: Aw. You poor homeless penguins. I'll take you guys home w/ me as pets! (laughs)

Bugs: Eh, Josh. What are thoes penguins doing here.

Josh: Oh theyre my pets. I found them & took them in.

Penguins: Wack wack! (they peck the Road Runner)

Road Runner: Ow! (angryly) Meep Meep!

Penguins: Wack! (peck Porky)

Porky: Ow! Hey! I am not a pig to be packed at! (grumbling)

Bugs: Thoes belong in the wild. You'll have to take them back.

Josh: Ok Bugs. I'll do it for them!

(Josh is crying)

Bugs: Eh, its ok Josh. You can stop that crying because you like dogs right? Well, go get a dog.

Josh: (stops crying and hugs Bugs) Good idea! I love puppies!

Bugs: Eh, I'm glad we are friends Joshy.


Wile E. Coyote and Sylvester have a cameo but no speaking lines.

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