April showers
Season 4, Episode 1
Episode Guide
"The Nasty Canaster"


It is April Fool's Day and Daffy starts the day off with replacing Bugs's cereal with wooden shaving. Bugs, after falling for Daffy's prank, says to the audience "of course you realize this means war!" &nbsp Bugs and Daffy spends the rest of the episode pulling pranks on one another. Meanwhile, Sweetie Pie, and Jazmin are trying to pull off extreme pranks, but they take it a little too far. Then to Bugs and Daffy, They eventually end up destroying furniture as well as making a big, BIG mess. Then Daffy remembers that Lola and Tina are coming to their house for dinner. Just as they get ready to clean the mess up, their girlfriends arrive. Lola and Tina, shocked and angry, turns back and goes away. Bugs and Daffy begs them not to go, grabbing their ankles and crying. Unfortunately, the girls have decided not to talk to them for 2 months. The episode ends with Daffy making Bugs trip on a banana peel, ensuing another prank war and next time they see their girlfriends arrive can he tell him never do a prank war.


  • Lola and Tina will not talk to Bugs and Daffy for 2 months.