Bugs and Daffy go see a James Bound (parody of James Bond) movie, but face some problems: A man at the back keep yelling and talking loudly, which makes it hard for Bugs and Daffy to concentrate on the movie. The popcorn tastes so bad Daffy keeps going to the restroom, and misses out all the good parts. A very tall man sits right in front of Bugs, so his head covers up the screen. The theatre is filled with trash, the film suddenly pauses during a scene, and Bugs and Daffy finds out they had used counterfeit tickets without knowing it.

Voice Cast

  • Doctor Bugs as Bugs Bunny, James Bound
  • Teleram as Daffy Duck, James Bound's arch-nemesis Dr. Jay Haffrey
  • ProfessorDuck as the tall man
  • Rarityfan as Yosemite Sam

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