Barf Boy is a merrie Melody sung by Mike Bunny


Man: Barf boy ready to barf ya! He is funny in a gross way!

(Mike barfs)

Mike: I want to go barf & vomit, I like do go & do it! Can't stop me! I'm funny (barfs in rythem)


Man: Or bunny! Barf boy is a bunny!

Mike: I will barf on you (barfs on Wile E. Coyote wile he was chasing Road Runner)

Wiley: Grrrrrr! (strangles Mike)

Mike: If you try to choke me I'LL JUST BARF SOME MORE (barfs on Sylvester)

Man: Barf boy is so funny! Barf boy is a bunny!

Sylvester: Listin boy, why don't you come w/ me & old Wiley & find a hobbie that includes chasing little birds!

Road Runner: Meep meep!

Mike: NO! I WANNTA BARF I'M A BARF BOY! (he barfs on Wiley, Sylvester, Tweety & Road Runner)

Man: Barf boy is a bunny! Barf boy is realy funny!

Mike: I WANNA BARF! (barfs everywere)

Sylvester: Holy barf!

(Wiley holds up a sighn that says "Oh barf")

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