Big Craves
Season 4, Episode 13
Episode Guide
"Cows In 1993"
"The Space Races"


Bugs & Daffy deside that they should learn to get along more often. So they go to the swimming pool to play. Meanwile Wile E. Coyote was out to go get his morning donut at Foghorns Bakery. Foghorn Leghorn has to go get some stuff so he lets Wile E. watch the store for him. Sylvester comes in & orders a scone but as Wiley bakes it he blows himself up for trying to cookit with TNT. Bugs & Daffy leave the pool & then they head to the arcade when they see a dog chasing a cow. Bugs trys to save the cow but the cow eats & farts him out. Daffy laughs but Bugs gets mad & they start ninja fighting each other. As Wile E. gives Mike Bunny a donut Mike barfs on it then eats it & leaves after barfing on Elmer Fudds butt. Then Tweety comes in to order a birdseed shake as Wile E. makes it Bugs & Daffy ninja fight in the store & wreck it. When Foghorn comes in he gasps in horor & starts jumping around like crazy & then he starts crying then he farts. Bugs & Daffy help rebuild the store & thats the end when Wiley says "Thats the last time I'm ever helping out a big fat rooster".

CGI Short

Rocket Car


Character(s) Voice-Actor

Bugs Bunny

Foghorn Leghorn

Wile E. Coyote

Doctor Bugs
Daffy Duck Teleram
Mike Bunny MrJoshbumstead




Wile E. Coyote talks in this episode & it is seen that he also likes donuts.

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