The plot begins with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote, Lola Bunny, Tina Russo and Josh Bumstead playing a game of Pooh-Sticks (a game Winnie the Pooh made up) on the park bridge which is over a small creek. While they are doing that Joshes best friend Bobby Walser comes floating by in the creek. Josh jumps in the water and gets him out. When they ask Bob how he got into there Bob explains that somebody ran into him and he fell in the creek. They assume it was Road Runner. Soon Road Runner runs in to see Josh and Wile E. accuses him of running into Bob. Road Runner tells them that he did not run into him and that he coughed while he was behind Bob that caused him to fall in. Bob begins arguing with Road about it but using Wile E.'s time machine they go back in time and it turns out Road Runner did run into Bob. When Road Runner runs off Bob walks off sobbing. Josh follows his friend to see what was wrong and it was Bob's birthday today and no one remembers. Josh tells Bugs it is Bob's birthday. Wile Bugs goes to get Bob a balloon Josh gets him a jar of peanut butter. Unfortinatly the jar was empty so Josh asks Wile E. to write "Happy Birthday" on the jar (Josh ran out of pens that day). Bugs got Bob a few presents and so did Daffy. When they had a party for Bob (with Porky Pig also being there), Bob was happy untill Road Runner shows up and eats Bob's piece of cake. As Wile E. scolds the Road Runner Tina quickly gives Bob another piece of cake. Then at the end of the day they all go play Pooh-Sticks at the park. Poor Bob won none at all. He asks if anyone could stay and play again and only Road Runner stays. But before Bob can throw his sticks Road Runner runs into him knocking him into the water AGAIN!!!


Doctor Bugs as Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote

Teleram as Daffy Duck and Porky Pig

KitKat1894 as Lola Bunny and Tina Russo

MrJoshbumstead as himself and Road Runner

Bobby Walser as himself


Bugs: Eh how did you get into the water Bob?

Bob: I was runded.

Lola: Did someone push you?

Bob: Somebody ran into me. I was fishing on the side of the creek. When all of a sudden someone zoomed up and bumped me and I fell in.

Tina: But who did it?

(Bob does not speak)

Wile E.: I think I might know who it was.

Josh: Bob was it the Road Run….. (Road Runner runs into Josh)

Road Runner: Meep Meep! (holds up sign saying “Hiya Josh”)

Wile E.: (to Josh) Let me handle this boy. (to Road Runner) Road Runner! Why did you run into Bob and made him fall in the water?!

(Road Runner holds up a sign saying “I didn’t run into him!”)

Bob: He ran into me.

(Road Runner holds up signs saying “Oh I didn’t really uh…I just had to cough and I was right behind Bob and I said…”)

Road Runner: (jumps and pretends to cough) Meep Meep!

Josh: That was freaky.

Bob: That’s what I call running.

(Road Runner holds up a sign saying “I didn’t run! I coughed!”)

Bob: Running or coughing is all the same.

(Road Runner growls and then holds up a sign saying “Oh no its not! All I did was cough!”)

Bob: You ran!

(Road Runner holds up a sign saying “Coughed”)

Bob: Ran!

(Road Runner holds up a sign saying “COUGHED!!!!!!”)

Bob: Excuse me. Let’s try it another way.

Wile E.: Yes. Lets use my time machine and go back in time to where Bob was fishing by the creek.

(Bob is shown fishing by the creek)

Lola: There's Bobby!

Bugs: Ssshhh!

(Road Runner appears and sees Bob)

Road Runner: Beep Beep! (jumps and runs into Bob on purpose)

(Bob falls in the water and Road Runner runs off)

(The gang then go back into the present and they all look at Road Runner)

Wile E.: So you did run into him!

(Road Runner laughs nervously and holds up a sign saying " he eh. It was just a joke.")

(All but Josh, Daffy and Lola look angry. Bob just looks sad)

Road Runner: (holds up a sign saying "Some people have no sence of humor" and then runs off) Meep Meep!

Wile E.: Come back here you little!!!!!! (chases after Road Runner)

Bugs: That Road Runner is to energetic.

Bob: So what if I care!

Josh: What are you talking about Bob?

(Bob walks off sobbing)

Josh: Whats wrong Bob? You seem sad.

Bob: Why should I be sad. It's my birthday and nobody said happy birthday to be.

Josh: Oh yeah thats right. Happy birthday Bob!

Josh: I found out whats troubling poor Bob. Its his birthday and nobody remembers.

Bugs: Oh my.

Josh: What are you giving him Wile E.?

Wile E.: Who?

Josh: Bob.

Wile E.: Oh thats right. Bob. (laughs) What are you giving him?

Josh: I'm giving him this jar of peanut butter and I was wondering.......

Wile E.: A jar of peanut butter?

Josh: I was just asking. About the jar of peanut butter......................

Wile E.: Oh you want to write "Happy Birthday" on it.

Josh: Yes. I'm all out of pens at my house.

Wile E.: (to Josh) It's easy if people don't look while I'm writing.

Josh: Did you get Bob a present?

Daffy: Why yes I did! Look!

(There is an SUV car)

Josh: I thought we agreed on 5 bucks!

Daffy: I did get it for 5 bucks. I threw 5 bucks on the ground and took the car.

Josh: THAT'S STEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daffy: Only partly.

(At Bobs party everyone is served cake. Wile E. is about to eat his piece of cake)

Distant voice: Meep Meep!

Wile E.: Oh no! Oh no! Not the Road Run...............

(Road Runner runs in)

Road Runner: BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! (eats Bob's piece of cake rappidly)

Bob: Hey!

Road Runner: (finishes the piece of cake) Meep Meep! (laughing hystaricly)

Wile E.: (to Road Runner) You've got a lot of nerves bardging into here like that and eating Bob's cake!


Tina: Don't get mad kid. I'll get you another piece! (hands Bob another piece of cake)

Bob: Thanks Tina.

Wile E.: (scoffs) I think Road Runner should leave.

(Road Runner looks upset)

Josh: Aw, let him stay.

Road Runner: (looks happy and nods his head) Meep Meep!

(Everyone is at the bridge finishing playing a game of Pooh-Sticks)

Josh: Boy that was fun! (laughs)

Porky: Ww-w-w-wats wrong with Bob?

(Bob looks both sad and mad)

Bugs: Eh Josh won the most of this game but Bob won none at all.

Bob: (starts crying hystaricly) I HATE POOH-STICKS! Can we stay and play one more game?

(Everyone is gone exept for Road Runner)

Bob: Okay. You and me shall play.

(as Bob is about to drops his sticks Road Runner runs into him making Bob fall in the creek again)

Road Runner: Meep Meep! (laughing)




This is the 2nd episode starring Bobby Walser (who is a real best friend of Josh Bumstead). The first was Super Toons.

This episode is a parody of the Winnie the Pooh short film Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore.

A Pac-Man plush doll can be seen in Joshes bed room when he was looking for a present for Bob.

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