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This page is for Bugs Bunny from ANYBODY'S viewpoint!

Bugs Bunny
830px-Bugs Bunny (The Looney Tunes Show)
July 27th
Songs sung
We Are In Love
Daffy Duck (friend)

Porky Pig (friend)
Lola Bunny (wife)
Speedy Gonzales (friend)
Granny (friend)
Tina Russo Duck (friend)
Josh Bumstead (friend)
Witch Lezah (friend)
Yosemite Sam (acquaintance)
Tasmanian Devil (pet)
Walter Bunny (father-in-law)
Patricia Bunny (mother-in-law)
Dr. Weisberg (doctor)
Giovanni Jones (friend)
Tasmanian She-Devil (pet's wife)
Cecil Turtle (former enemy/current friend)
Viola Bunny sister)
Clyde Bunny (nephew)
Squeaks the Squirrel (housemate/friend)

Voiced by
Doctor Bugs


Bugs Bunny is cool, confident and three steps ahead of everyone else, Bugs still has a few surprising quirks, not the least of which is his choice of friends, including having Daffy Duck as his best friend. He likes his girlfriend Lola Bunny but she needs to calm down a little. His other friends are Porky Pig, Speedy Gonzales, Road RunnerYosemite Sam, and other classic Looney Tunes characters. His main catchphrase is "Eh, what's up doc?"

Bugs has his own facebook pages. On one of them, he offered a free tour of the WB studio, for the first person to answer this question correctly: "When is Daffy's birthday?"

Bugs was born in 1971, making him 41 years old. His nephew's name is Clyde and his former girlfriend's name is Honey. His best friends include Porky Noah Pig, Daffy Sheldon Duck, Speedy Macho Gonzales, Yosemite Atom Sam, Lola Kelly Bunny, Tasmanian Loco Devil, Elmer Jacob Fudd, and Tina Romano Russo.

Bugs was the second character on the show to win a Nobel Prize. The first was Foghorn Leghorn.

Bugs is good friends with a boy named Josh Bumstead and often treats him like a son.


Bugs appears in every single episode, for he is the main character of the entire show, alongside Daffy.

Regular Show X The Looney Tunes Show: Cross Generation

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Tweety Tunes

Bugs appears in two Tweety Tunes shorts. The first is called "Tasmanian Trouble", where he is seen in the begining and asks Granny to petsit Taz while he goes to Las Vegas with his other friends. He later appears in an episode called "Sylvester Bugses Bugs", where he is asked to petsit Sylvester and Tweety. He tries to get the two rivals to stop fighting and become friends.