Bugs Bunny Beats Bad Bird is the first episode of the fanon series Da Krazy Looney Tunes Show created by KrazyKrisKrumbs. 


Beaky Buzzard returns and he's as evil as ever. Bugs has to find out what happened when he notices something wrong with him.



Other episode parts

Includes one Merrie Melody and one Wile E. Coyote Quick Shot, The Roadrunner Games.


  • The episode was used as a 15-minute preview September 10, 2014. 
  • Runtime: 11: 47 (with opening anf ending credits), 11: 16 (without opening credits), 10: 46 (without any credits)
  • Rating: TV-PG-V
  • The episode has been censored in Australia.
    • Lola and Tina are in a shop, and a few seconds are cut after Tina says "Are you sure this fleece is too big?


More info on the trivia section.

Tina: Are you sure this fleece is too big? If I'm gonna have kids, they're not gonna be this small.

Lola: They also need a bra, Tina.

Tina: Not until they're teengaers.

Bugs: Oh, come on you two!

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