Bugs Bunny and Road Runner: The Best of Heroes is a movie that will be released to a theater near you, some time next year.


Elmer Fudd is trying to hunt Bugs Bunny, and Bugs gets very annoyed. He decides to get on a plane, and move to the desert, where he plans to live the rest of his life. On the plane, he finds something in his suitcase that he wasn't expecting. Daffy hid inside his suitcase! Now Bugs and Daffy were stuck with eachother, on a plane to the desert. When Bugs and Daffy get to the desert, they dig a hole, and they get inside the hole. Daffy says "Why does a duck like me have to live in a stupid rabbit hole!" Bugs replies "Shut up, Duck."

Meanwhile, Road Runner is being chased by Wile E. Coyote. When Road sees the hole, he hides inside of it. Down there, he meets Bugs and Daffy. Daffy is being very annoying, so Bugs gets on Road Runner's back, and they run away from Daffy.

Bugs and Road become good friends, and share their dreams with eachother. Then, Marvin the Martian plans to destroy the earth. Bugs and Road team up with eachother, to defeat Marvin's evil plans. In the end, Bugs and Road go down in history as epic heroes.

Voice Cast

Bugs Bunny                                                        

Wile E. Coyote

Doctor Bugs

 Road Runner                                                       


Daffy Duck 

Elmer Fudd                                                          

Marvin The Martian DisneyCartoonKing557

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