Car Wars
Season 7, Episode 15
Date Aired:
October 20, 2017
Merrie Melody:
Take you there
CGI Short:
Cavey Coyote
Character Debuts:
Hector the Bulldog
Million Viewers:
Episode Guide
"Bad Mouth"
"Southern Sasquatch"

This is an upcoming episode of The Looney Tunes Show.


Bugs and Daffy decide to take a road trip to California. They get in Daffy's Parade Float, and drive down the interstate. Daffy's reckless driving causes him to get pulled over. Daffy refuses to pull over, and just keeps driving, this time much faster. He drove so fast, he started swurving and crashed off the side of the road.

175px-The Float (2)
The car breaks down, and the policeman arrests Daffy and Bugs. He puts them both in the back of his police car and starts driving down the road. When they get to the jail, The Crusher beats Daffy up. But Bugs stands up for himself and teaches The Crusher who's boss.
When Bugs and Daffy arrive to their cells, Yosemite Sam is their jailmate. Bugs and Daffy aren't exactly "thrilled" about having to share a cell with Sam, but Bugs is just happy to be in jail again. The worste part is, they all have to share one toilet. Yosemite Sam clogged the toilet, so Bugs and Daffy wouldn't use it. It made the entire cell really stink badly. The cell starts to stink so bad, Daffy decides to escape and he takes Bugs with him. When Daffy busts through the bars and he makes a run for it. Unfortuately, he is captured by the jail's security dog.
Daffy tries many times to escape, but he can't do it. Hector is a very skilled security dog, and he foils Daffy's plans every single time. When Daffy finally decides to give up, a speeding car crashes through the wall and runs Daffy over. Turns out, Porky came to save Bugs and Daffy.
175px-The Float (14)
Daffy is rushed to the hospital. Dr. Weisberg says that Daffy has broken every bone in his body. But Daffy is happy because he is no longer in prison.

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