Casa de Calma is a spa resort that was seen in the episode Casa de Calma on The Looney Tunes Show where Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny visit. While they are there, Daffy falls in love with the actress, Starlett Johansson.

Casa de Calma is near the city of Rio de Janiero


Swimming Pool

As shown in the photo above, Casa de Calma has a big swimming pool, that contains three diving boards. The first one is about 10 feet off of the ground, the second one is about 30 feet off of the ground, and the last one goes all of the way to outer space. The swimming pool contains a plug that drains all of the water, which Bugs uses to embarrass Daffy.


There is a beach at Casa de Calma, that goes into the Atlantic Ocean. As shown in the photo above, the beach is located to the right of the swimming pool. Daffy and Bugs were able to go para-sailing here.

Mineral Bath

Inside the large building seen in the photo above, there is a room where a bathtub with crystals around it is shown. It is proved to make people who sit it in look more younger. But if someone stays in for more than 10 minutes, they tend to look like a baby, which happened to Daffy, when he didn't follow the rules of the mineral bath.

Massage Room

Also inside the large building is a massage room, where you will get a massage by either Joe or Leslie.

Fire Room

The last thing in the large building shown is a sauna, where you can sit around a bed of coal in steam after a massage.

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