Cassidy Breeze

Character Info

Gender Female
Hair Red
Eyes Brown
Occupation Dentist
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Family Eddy (dog)
Played By Zoe Mardina

Cassidy is an antagonist that appeared in the Black Sky episode in Season 4. She has a daschund named Eddy, and lives down the block from Bugs Bunny. She is a dentist, and pulls several teeth so she can make lots of money. She later appears in the 13th Season 4 episode, Jailbreak!, and in the Season 4 finale, Super Duck.


Cassidy is an attractive, rude and selfish person. She removes healthy teeth from her patients, and has ridiculous prices. She is a little humorous though, making every audience member giggle, even when what she said was very mean. She's also super competitive.


  • In a deleted scene, Cassidy tricked Porky into purchasing a $100 pen, by flirting with him. In another cut scene, Porky gets revenge by sticking a pen in her shin.
  • Cassidy is always seen wearing yellow stockings, with white stars on them, and most of the time wears a white dentist jacket.

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