Tina Russo has the power to form ice and one day after freezing Lola Bunny by accident she decides to hide herself. Later Lola tries to bring Tina out and Tina ends up using her ice powers dangerously. Tina runs away to the mountains. Lola goes out to find her meeting Bugs Bunny and his faithful steed Road Runner. They go in search of Tina because she set off an eternal Winter and they need her to stop it. On their way they meet a hyperactive talking snowman named Josh Bumstead who dreams of Summer not knowing he would melt. Josh shows Lola and the rest were Tina is. Tina refuses to go back and strikes Lola again causing her to turn into a pile of snow. Bugs, Josh and Road quickly go to Wile E. Coyote who says only an act of love can save her. Elmer Fudd then tries to kill Tina but ends up getting ninja kicked by her boyfriend Daffy Duck. Tina feels sorry about how she treated Lola and apologizes. Lola truns back to herself and all the snow melts (exept for Josh thanks to Tina).

Merry Melody

Let It Snow (parody of "Let It Go")

CGI Short

My Dinner With Road Runner






This episode is a parody of the Disney animated film Frozen.

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