Crazy Man Running Down The Side Of The Road Carrying A Hotdog In His Bellybutton
Season 10, Episode 10
Date Aired:
Merrie Melody:
Road Runner Soup
CGI Short:
Wile Dies
Character Debuts:
Ruby Rottweiler
Million Viewers:
Episode Guide
"Chuck Returns"

This is an episode of The Looney Tunes Show.


Daffy is walking down the street when he notices a crazy man running down the side of the road carrying a hotdog in his bellybutton. It is the weirdest thing Daffy has ever seen. Daffy decides to move to Australia, where he hides in a cave. In the cave, he is attacked and kiled by a bear. Daffy's ghost comes back and haunts the bear. After he kills the bear, Daffy decides to inter the bear's body. He causes havoc around the world, and eventually he is captured and put in a zoo. A crazy man running through the zoo carrying a hotdog in his bellybutton runs around the zoo, which makes Daffy mad.

Format - Copy (2)

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