The hole in cyberspace Daffy made

Daffikia is an eisode of The Looney Tunes Show. It was written and directed by Teleram.


Daffy finds out about Wikia and gets addicted to it. In fact, it makes him go a little crazy. In fact, it makes him decide that he will take over the website. So he goes to the CEO of the site and and demands that he lets Daffy be in charge, "or else". The CEO reluctantly lets him. He changes the name to Daffikia and gets rid of all the wikis about the stuff he hates. But later, he cannot take all the pressure and gives the job back to Craig Palmer. Nobody realizes that Daffy has accidentally created a unbelievably humongous (literal) hole in cyberspace, that will (literally) suck in everybody who uses the Internet into it.

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