It is Daffy's birthday & Bugs & his friends want to make it a suprise. Daffy asks Bugs if he knows what today is & Bugs only replies its his "Birrd Song Singing Day" or his "Biiirrrrd Food Shopping Day". Daffy thinks Bugs forgot his birthday & walks off. While Daffy is away Foghorn Leghorn comes over to bake Daffy's cake. Daffy enters later & asks if that was a birthday cake but Bugs tells him its a "Burp Day" cake instead. As soon as Daffy leaves more friends come over to set up for the party. Unfortunately Lola's 'noise maker' keeps honking by itself. Everyone hides when Daffy arrives but Daffy hears the noise maker honking. Daffy is surprised with the suprise party & that his friends did not forget him.

Merrie Melody

Bohemian Rhapsody

CGI Short

Shower Coyote


Jeff Bergman- Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Sylvester

Bob Bergen- Porky Pig

Damon Jones- Foghorn Leghorn

Kristen Wiig- Lola Bunny

Maurice LaMarche- Yosemite Sam

Frank Welker- Road Runner (Merrie Melody & CGI Short)

Jennifer Esposito- Tina Russo Duck




This episode has the same plot to an episode of The Wubuless World of Dr. Suess.