The plot of this episode is a parody of Gilligans Island (a very old funny show). Daffy revews a flashback of when he was a mighty sailor man & Bugs was a brave & pure skipper. They were on a mission to find the Golden Carrot of Elementery. Along with them was The Proffeser (Wile E. Coyote), The Millionare (Porky) & his wife (Petunia). There was also a movie star & a young woman too but they got aten up by a shark so they were not there. Wile they go out on a tour Daffy imagains himself in a world simular to the game Space Invaders & accedently wrecks the ship on an island. Bugs gets mad at Daffy for wrecking the ship & starts strangling him. As they all build small houses to sleep in Daffy wonders if the Golden Carrot of Elementary is on the island. Bugs dosnt beleve him but they both so out in the night on the island to find it. As everyone else wakes up they wonder were Daffy & "The Skipper" ran off to. The Proffeser Coyote trys to blow up the island so they could all fly back home but he blows himself up instead. Meanwile afetr escaping a rock monster Daffy & Bugs find the Golden Carrot of Elementry. They go back to the crew telling them that their mission was complete. Later Wiley buils a raft for them to go back home & it works.

CGI Short

Cavey Coyote


  • Doctor Bugs as Wile E. Coyote, Bugs Bunny
  • Teleram as Daffy Duck, Porky Pig


[Bugs and Daffy narrating the scene set up in a Gilligan's Island type plot showing them on the ship]

Bugs: I remember that day of the faithful trip.

Daffy: It started from this tropic port abord this tiny ship.

Bugs: Now Daffy, he was a mighty salior man.

Daffy: And Bugs was brave and sure.

Bugs: And was there like 5 passengers who borded the ship that day on a three our tour?

Daffy: As I recall it yes.

Bugs: Now lets see, there was the Proffeser.

Daffy: Who was Wile E. Coyote.

Bugs: Well ya. And there was The Millionare and his wife.

Daffy: Porky and Petunia. Now wasn't there also a movie star and another regular girl?

Bugs: Eh ya but they got aten by a crocadile.

[Daffy cries]

Bugs: [sarcasticly] Oh boy.


This episode is a parody of Gilligans Island. Daffy was Gilligan, Bugs was the Skipper, Wile E. Coyote was the Professer, & Porky & Petunia were the Millionare & his wife. Ginger & Marry Ann were not in this though.

Daffys imagination world is a parody of Space Invaders.

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