Daffy wants to join a Karaoke team after he looks through his CD & DVD's. He & Porky join in & they are featured on TV singing "Were Not Going To Take It" by Twisted Sister. Bugs sees the video & gets jellous of them & he wants to be like them. So he tries to put together his own music video of the same song with Tweety as his backup singer. When Daffy sees it he notaces that Bugs has insulted Daffy in the middle of the video so he tries to kill Bugs with fried chicken & a rubber chainsaw. Bugs stops him telling him he did not mean it & he & Daffy are friends again.



Doctor Bugs as Bugs Bunny

Teleram as Daffy Duck and Porky Pig

MrJoshbumstead as Tweety




  • This episode is simular to a Regular Show episode with sort of the same plot.
  • One of Daffy Duck's DVD's called "Schoolhouse Heavy Metal" is a parody of Schoolhouse Rock.
  • Were Not Going To Take It is a real song by Twisted Sister.

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