Daffy Copperfield is an episode of The Looney Tunes Show. The title is a pun on the book "David Copperfield".


Daffy writes an autobiography entitled Quack: the life of Daffy Duck and shows it to Bugs. The latter thinks it's horrible and screams at his roommate about writing such a bad biography. When Daffy says to him that he is planning to publish it, Bugs is outraged and tears the autobiography into pieces. Daffy manages to (literally) put it all together and, ignoring Bugs' taunts, he sends it to a publishing company called Supergolden Literature. Much to everyone's surprise, Quack becomes a bestseller. Daffy even appears several times on TV to talk about his book. The duck moves out of Bugs' home and into a bigger, better house, in Los Angeles. Bugs is of corse jealous and tries desperately to get on Daffy's good side so he can earn some of the money himself.

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