Doctor Bugs & Bugs is an episode of The Looney Tunes Show. It was written and directed by none other
than Teleram.


Bugs decides to get closer to his fans. He meets a guy who calls himself "Doctor Bugs" and the two become great friends. A while later, Bugs finds out that Doctor wants to kill him, causing Bugs to get very angry decide to do that to Doctor before he does. The two meet the next day on the street. Before they could get out their weapons, the Doctor (from Doctor Who) comes and kills both of them. But then Dr. Bugs comes back to life and asks the Doctor why he killed him and Bugs. The Doctor replies "Because I'm awesome". Dr. Bugs then says "Oh, shut up," and kills the Doctor. In the ending credits, the song "Misirlou" from the movie Pulp Fiction plays. After the credits, Teleram pops up and explains that the Doctor was the one who convinced Dr. Bugs to kill Bugs.

Voice Cast

Character(s) Voice-Actor

Bugs Bunny

Dr. Bugs

Doctor Bugs
Teleram Teleram
The Doctor DisneyCartoonKing557

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