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This page is for Elmer Fudd from ANYBODY'S viewpoint!

Elmer Fudd

News Reporter


Elmer Fudd is the resident TV newsman, that has an infamous laugh. His dry, sluggish delivery can make even bad news seem not-so-bad. He also loves grilled cheese sandwiches and is the local reporter. He is sometimes really evil, but other times, he's just dim-witted.


In MrJoshbumstead's Fanon Works, he is a hunter just like in the old Looney Tunes shorts, including the episode Hunting Season.


  • Bugs Bunny? Well, what do you know? The stuff works.
  • I know, it's you, Bugs, old pal, I'm sorry I did it. I'll fix you up, Bugs. I won't let you down, old pal. I'll change you back.
  • Don't go, Bugs. Be right with ya. Drink this down. Change you back. Why you ungrateful rabbit.
  • I got a nose in the car out of you, you, you, you, you... (Laughs)
  • Ouch! Oouch! Ouch! Oh, sorry! Oh, so sorry! oh, very, very sorry! Oh! To aplogizing on the right of dickins. Help! Get a away you, big bad old bad! Cut it out! Leave me alone! Don't you chased me? Get out of here! Help! Ohh! Get away from me! Get away! Leave me alone!


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