Elmyra from Tiny Toon Adventures is now living in Bugs and Daffy's neighborhood, and Bugs and Daffy are not looking forward to this. Sweetie Pie doesen't even know who she is. Bugs and Daffy tell her, and she goes a little too far with the situation. Bugs and Daffy inform everyone, and they all are scared to death. Danielle, & Anais think this is an opportunity to hang out with a new girl, so they have more than just 2 girls in their group. Their sisters tell them about Elmyra, but they think she won't be THAT bad. Once Elmyra finally comes, Danielle and Anais say hi to her, and she just squeezes them like crazy. Danielle then says "we should've just stuck with letting Malia hang out with us." Then, Sweetie and Jazmin are talking to eachother, and Elmyra just blurts out "AWW! LOOK AT THE CUTSIE- WOOTSIE 7 INCH CUTIE PIES!" Then they start taking off and blurting out "ELMYRA'S BACK! ELMYRA'S BACK! RUN!!" Bugs replies " you dont say?" sarcasticlly. At the end, Elmyra has to move back to Acme Acres, and they all celebrate in relief