Flowers, Pedals, Allergies
Season 1, Episode 1
Date Aired:
June 15, 2015
Merrie Melody:
Daffy's Birthday
CGI Short:
Coyote Trouble!
Million Viewers:
Episode Guide
"Pizza Time"

Flowers, Pedals, Allergies is the first episode of "The New Adventures of Bugs Bunny".


Bugs gets allergies with the new flowers that he bought. Bugs and Daffy go to a bike race along with Pete, Marvin and Porky. Bugs has the flowers with him so he sneezes and he flies in the air and crosses the finish line. Everybody cheers for Bugs except Daffy, who feels jealous that Bugs won and not him.


  • Bugs Bunny (debut)
  • Daffy Duck (debut)
  • Pete Puma (debut)
  • Marvin Martain (debut)
  • Porky Pig (debut)
  • Other Bikers
  • Tina Russo (debut)
  • Wile E. Coyote (debut, CGI Short)
  • Road Runner (debut, CGI Short)


Coming Soon


  • Yosemite Sam has not moved in. He won't until Season 2. In this episode, his house is for sale. Another character will move in.
  • This episode's production code is, 101.
  • Instead of working at Copy Place, Tina now works at a supermarket.

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