Floyd Minton
Char 30673
Co-owner of Books & News
Temporary Bellhop
Mentor of Green Lantern
Member of Young Justice/Legion of Superheroes
Granny (aunt)
Mayor Floyd Minton, Sr. (father)
Judy Minton (mother)
Lloyd Minton (brother)
Larry Minton (brother)
Jamma Minton (sister)
Miyumi (girlfriend)
Deputy Dusty (best friend)
Chip the Sorcerer (best friend)
Louie Hong Fa (best friend)
Voiced by
Brian Drummond

Floyd Minton is Granny's nephew, He is old classmate of Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Marvin the Martian and Pete Puma, He is father of Mayor Floyd Minton, Sr., He is cp-owner of Books & News and he has a girlfriend named Miyumi.


He has brown hair, light green sweater, purple short, dark green pants and orange and white shoes.


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