Wile Bugs & Daffy help me fix my hot water heater Lola has nothing to do so she sees Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner. Wiley fails his plan and starts crying saying hes a failure. Lola decides that she should try getting Wiley & Road to become friends. They 1st start out at Pizzereba but Wiley & Road have a fight on who gets what pizza. They get kicked out. Then they try hanging out at the pool. Wile Lola relaxes in the hot tub Road splashes Wiley making him mad & he chases him accrpss the pool. They get kicked out for running. Last Lola makes him hang out with Mike Bunny (which both Roadrunner & Wiley don't want to do). Mike makes them drink caster oil and they start barfing everywere but the vomit floated in my house & fixed the kink in my hot water heater. I thank Bugs & Daffy as they walk home & Wiley chases Road Runner down the road as Lola thinks that it nature for coyotes to eat roadrunners. Then Mike barfs.

Merry Melody

Falling Down


Doctor Bugs as Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote

Teleram as Daffy Duck

MrJoshbumstead as Himself, Road Runner and Mike Bunny

KitKat1984 as Lola Bunny


Josh: Hey guys. I need some help with my hot water heater. It broke down & now I can't take a hot shower. (laughs) Water is hot!

Bugs: Eh right. We'll help you. Come on Daf.

Daffy: Oh fine. I'll let Josh have his fun!

Josh: Hey! Listin Daffy, just because I act crazy dos'nt mean that I'm stupid!

Daffy: Ok, sorry.

more TBA


This is one of the episodes were Wile E. Coyote talked.

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