Fudd: The Show is an Elmer Fudd TV show, that parodies Fred: The Show. It's rated TV-PG in the US and Canada, but TV-14 in all other nations. Elmer's voiced by Billy West. The series takes place in Richmond, Virginia where Elmer lives with his wife Lola Bunny and his son Porky Pig and his dog Beaky Buzzard. Elmer's parents are Witch Hazel and Sylvester. Elmer's brother is Daffy Duck and his sister is Granny. Elmer's brother-in-law is Pete Puma and Elmer's cousins are Marvin, Yosemite Sam, Tina Russo, Bugsdaffyfan, Ronald Reagan, Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid, Road Runner, Justin Beiber, Mickey Mouse, King Kong, Nathan Kress, Slowpoke Rodriguez, Andy Griffiths, Mike Gilbert,

Wonderful Wabbit Hunter

Morgan Freeman, and Gossamer.

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