Furry Navidad
Season 2, Episode 555
Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote The Looney Tunes Show
Date Aired:
January 4th, 2012
Merrie Melody:
Hippety Hopper
CGI Short:
Earth Trouble
Million Viewers:
Episode Guide
"The Bigfoot Sighting"
"Car Wars"

Furry Navidad is an episode of The Looney Tunes Show. It aired on January 3rd, 2013, and was written by DisneyCartoonKing557.


On a mountain literally shaped like a map atop a tuna-can, Wile E. Coyote (persistentius chasius) was watching The Road-Runner (runnio quickibus) run around at a high speed. The persistent coyote licked his lips hungrily and tried to grab the flightless bird as he passed his mountain, but only to fall off and onto a mattress which The Road-Runner had placed for the sake of good sportsmanship. The bird beeped and ran off, leaving Wile to take an ACME catalog out for ideas. There were Multiple-Purpose Vacuums (“Suck up anything…or everything. Your choice”), Rapid Tennis-Ball Shooters (“Test your tennis skills”), and, the one that caught Wile’s attention the most, The Road-Runner-Catching Net-Launchers (“Catch roadrunners with nets that move on their own”). The coyote then sent for a The Road-Runner-Catching Net-Launcher, which arrived 2 weeks later. Settling himself in between 2 mountains, he aimed the net-launcher and fired it at The Road-Runner as soon as he passed. The net chased the bird until he zigzagged through a rocky maze and therefore lost the contraption, which got itself entangled in a cactus. Needless to say, Wile was so upset that he ran into the rocky maze and chased The Road-Runner himself. The coyote eventually managed to grab his prey’s tail, which he held tightly. The Road-Runner held up a sign reading: “If you’re going to hold onto my tail, then could you please grab the UPPER part?” Wile nodded and complied, whereupon The Road-Runner beeped and ran onward, thereby dragging his predator. Wile’s hold started to slacken, so he put a leash and collar on The Road-Runner and put roller-skates on himself. The plan worked…until The Road-Runner made a sharp turn and sent Wile off a cliff. With the leash and collar still on (they could only be taken off with a key, which Wile obviously kept), The Road-Runner waved to Wile, who help up a sign that read: “How does that bird do this kind of stuff?” Then, he fell down onto a tree, which flung him back up to the mountain, enabling him to grab The Road-Runner’s leash. Wile was enraptured…until The Road-Runner took the key from him, unlocked his collar, and fell safely into an ACME mattress-truck. Wile, on the other hand, folded his arms indignantly as he landed on a rock, thereby shaking the ground in such a way that the Earth thereat formed the word “ouch.”

That's All, Folks!

Voice Cast

  • Doctor Bugs as Wile E. Coyote
  • MrJoshbumstead as The Road-Runner

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