This is a Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote CGI Short.


Road Runner wants to visit his uncle, Uncle Runner. So he travels to Los Angeles, along with his girlfriend Nellie Runner. Wile E. Coyote wants to follow them, and eat them. So he teams up with his girlfriend Roxanne Coyote to catch the runners! Road and Nellie get tired of running (even though they're roadrunners) and decide to rent a motorized vehicle. In the motorized vehicle, they run over Wile and Roxy.

When Road and Nellie get to Uncle Runner's house, they meet Road's cousin Roady and his friend Green Roadrunner. They all hang out and have fun, as a happy family. Suddenly, Wile and Roxy attack them. So the roadrunners get inside their motorized vehicle and drive away. But then, the absolute worste happens. They run out of gas! So now they have to fight Wile and Roxy with their bare hands (or feathers I geuss.) The roadrunners teach Wile and Roxy a lesson, roadrunner style!

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