Generic Series Finale is the series finale to the Looney Tunes show and the second season finale. It respects the classic shorts very well.


Bugs and Daffy get visited by an angry mob of Looney Tunes fans who want the show cancelled. After escaping the mob and witnessing their home being torn down, the duo decide to give up and join the mob as the Looney Tunes Show becomes cancelled for good and reruns are scrapped.


Jeff Bergman-Bugs and Daffy

Jason Marsden-Ben T. Looney

Carlos Alazraqui-Speedy Gonzales

Frank Welker-Roadrunner, Wile E. Coyote, Tasmanian Devil

Kristen Wiig-Lola Bunny

Tim Curry-Stuart Snyder

Jason Alexander and John DiMaggio-CN Guards

Harry Shearer-Phil the Canceller

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