Girls Just Wanna have Fun is sang by Sweetie, and Lola at some parts, and almost all of the females on the show, she's singing the lyrics from the real song.


(Speaking) Listen up!

Here we go!

(Sweetie Singing) I woke up

In the morning light

My mother says "when ya gonna live your life right"

Oh mother dear were not the fortunate ones

and girls, they wanna have fu-un.

oh girls just wanna have fuuun!

But wait theres more,

The phone rings,

in the middle of the night,

my father yells "watcha gonna do with your life"

oh daddy, dear ya know your still Number 1

but girls, they wanna have fu-un,

oh girls they wanna have,

thats all they really want,

some fun,

(Lola and Sweetie) when the working day is done,

(Just Sweetie) girls, they wanna have fu-un.

oh girls they wanna have fuun!

Someboy said, a beautiful girl is hiding away from the rest of the world!

(Lola speaking) i'd never do that!

(sweetie singing) i wanna be the one to walk in the sun

and girls they wanna have fu-un,

girls they wanna have,

(all of the girl characters) thats all they really want!

some fun!

when the working day is done!

(just sweetie) girls, they wanna have fun!

(almost all of the females), girls really wanna, wanna have fun, girls, wanna have,

(sweetie speaking) for Christmas, holidays, and birthdays please!

(females) they just wanna, they just wanna, they just wanna, they just wanna, girls, girls just wanna have fu-un!

(sweetie speaking) good, clean, fun! of course!

(sweetie) *laughs* i just said that, i mean really, i think you get what im saying.

(lola speaking) i love saying "fun" in 2 syllables!

(camera zooms out a very amused Bugs, Tweety and Daffy watching the Melody through a TV)

Bugs: Huh... what the song would sound like.