Lt granny 174x252
Tweety (pet)
Sylvester (pet)
Hector the Bulldog (pet)
Floyd Minton (nephew)
Mayor Floyd Minton, Sr. (brother)
Voiced by
June Foray

Emily Amelia "Granny" Webster-Sparkleson-Minton is a 90-year-old woman who has the spunk and energy of a 30-year-old man. Her pets are Sylvester, Tweety, and, later on in the series, Hector the Bulldog. Always alert to her pets, she saves Tweety from the clutches of Sylvester, if Tweety hasn't already took care of it himself. She is portrayed by the voice-actress, June Foray, who is 95, as of 2012. She has a nephew and a brother named Floyd Minton and Mayor Floyd Minton, Sr.


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