This is a Season 3 episode of The Looney Tunes Show.


Mr. Giradi is living in Italy with his wife. He regrets leaving his pizza restaurant. He decides to take it back. So he goes back to United States of America and asks Speedy to give him his restaurant back. Speedy does not want to do this. Mr. Giradi becomes extremely mad and tells Speedy that he will return.

That night, Mr. Giradi sneeks to Pizzariba and breaks inside. Speeedy is hiding behind a table. When Mr. Girdadi sneeks past the table, Speedy jumps into Giradi's pants and bites him. Mr. Giradi screams like a little girl. The high pitch scream causes the whole restaurant to fall down, leaving nothing but a pile of rubble. In the end Mr. Giradi and Speedy decide a new resturant is called Speedy & Giradi's Pizza and Pasta and run in bussiness together.


Bugs tries to teach Poochie (Taz) some tricks such as sit, roll over, and play dead. When he plays dead, Daffy walks by and notices him. Daffy thinks that Taz is really dead and he celebrates. "Woot-Woot! I don't have to share this place with that Tasmanian mutt anymore! Yes!!!!!!" Bugs gets mad at Daffy and he strangles him.

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