I Love To Barf is a Merrie Melody sung by Mike Bunny


(We see Mike barfing all over a arcade machine)

Mike: I love being gross & it is realy fun. But the grossest thing of all is not of course my buns!

I love to barf (barfs) I love to barf (barfs)

Grossness is my hobby, but not my life, when I grow up, I will barf w/ my wife

I love to barf (barfs) I love to barf! (barfs)

(For a few seconds Mike barfs in rythym)

When I barf, I feel like I'm in heaven! I'd rather go there than visit my cousin Deven

I love to barf! (barfs) I love to barf! (barfs)


(He barfs all over the place making the place flood with vomit)

Mike: And SpongeBob is not a hippie! (barfs)


This might have happend before Bunny Sitter were Mike lost interest in gross stuff, then got into video games.

SpongeBob SquarePants is mentioned in this song.

This song is just as gross as the episode Stomac Flu

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