Josh Bumstead was just hanging out at the Acme Mall with Bugs and Daffy. When he get home he decided to play some video games when all of a sudden he hears a "Meep Meep" from outside. He sees Wile E. Coyote outside crashing after chasing the Road Runner. He asks him what its like being a coyote chasing roadrunners. Wiley decides to turn Josh into a coyote instead as Josh says "Oh boy oh boy! I always wanted to be a coyote!" laughing hystaricly. As Wiley turns Josh into a coyote he acctully helped him try to catch the Road Runner. They keep on failing. But then Road sees that the one coyote is Josh & he kidnaps him & turns Josh into a roadrunner. As Bugs & Daffy see this they get confused. Bugs tells the coyote & Road Runner to turn Josh back to a human. They do that. As Josh says bye to his Looney friends he runs home with a "Meep Meep" and go home and call Roger Rabbit and ask him to come over and play video games with him.

Voice Cast


Josh: So do you guys want to come over & play video games?

Bugs: Eh sorry we have stuff to do. Mabey some other time. Besides, you always beat us in Pac-Man.

Wiley: Well with this device I'll turn you into a coyote.

Josh: Oh boy oh boy! (laughing) I always wanted to be a coyote! And I always wanted to chases a roadrunner! (laughing)

Wiley: Uh, ya. Whatever.

Josh: (dials phone) Hi Roger. Do ya wnat to come over & play video games?

Roger Rabbit: (over phone) Oh yes Pl-p-l-p-lease. I'd love too.

(Josh hangs up)


  • Roger Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit is heard over Josh's cell phone.
  • Bugs Bunny mentions Pac-Man saying that Josh is good at it (He's to level 28).

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