Laffy Out Loud is an episode of The Looney Tunes Show, which supports the "Laffy" relationship. It's a pun on "Laugh Out Loud."


Lola is walking across the street, to meet Bugs at the mall, when a speeding taco truck almost runs over her. Daffy, who is walking by, pushes Lola out of the way, and they both are safe. Lola instantly falls in love with Daffy, and they both become boyfriend and girlfriend. Bugs is extremely jealous and convinces Lola that she shouldn't be dating Daffy. Lola decides to break up with him and goes back to dating Bugs.


Laffy fans around the world were very disappointed about the ending of this episode, resulting in an online fan war, that lasted for nearly 7 months. Warner Bros. has not decided for sure, about keeping Lugs or Laffy. By fans, Lugs is more popular and the most supported, but a large number of fans support Laffy as well.


This episode scored approximately 170 million viewers in America, when it first aired. It score about 100 million viewers in Canada, and 135 million viewers in United Kingdom. It is officially the 3rd most popular episode, after "Bunny Sitter" and "Tasmanian Adventure."


When it premiered on August 9th 2013, Cartoon Network cut out the scene, where Daffy is taking a shower and Lola walks into the shower with him and washes his hair. Daffy thanks her and goes leaves the shower, and goes to his bed. It takes about 5 seconds until he roles over and finds Lola in the bed with him, and he screams.

The full version can still be found on DVD.

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