Looney Tunes Super Stars' Elmer Fudd: Eternally Eggheaded is a Looney Tunes Super Stars DVD to be released May 16, 2013. It is the first in the series to honor Elmer Fudd.


  • Egghead Rides Again
  • The Isle of Pingo Pongo
  • Cinderella Meets Fella
  • A-Lad-in Bagdad
  • A Feud There Was
  • Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas'
  • Count Me Out
  • Hamateur Night
  • A Day at the Zoo
  • Believe it or Else
  • Confederate Honey
  • The Hardship of Miles Standish
  • The Unruly Hare
  • Rabbit Fire
  • Rabbit Seasoning
  • Duck, Rabbit! Duck!
  • A Corny Concerto
  • What's Opera, Doc?

The majority of the cartoons in the collection have never before been available on DVD.

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