Looney Tunes Super Stars' Sylvester & Friends: Clown Cat is an upcoming DVD to be released August 28, 2013.


  • Doggone Cats
  • Catch as Cats Can
  • Pop 'Im Pop!
  • Tree For Two
  • Fowl Weather
  • Tom-Tom Cat
  • Catty Cornered
  • A Street Cat Named Sylvester
  • Dr. Jerkyl's Hide
  • Greedy For Tweety
  • Muzzle Tough
  • Lighthouse Mouse
  • A Kiddie's Kitty
  • The Henpecked Duck
  • Fast Buck Duck
  • Good Noose
  • Quackodile Tears
  • Aqua Duck

All 18 films are new to DVD. Of the 18 films, 15 feature Sylvester and 5 feature Daffy Duck.

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