Looney Tunes Super Stars' Taz and Friends: Destrucitve Devil is an upcoming Looney Tunes Super Stars DVD to be released in early 2015.


  • Devil May Hare
  • Bedevilled Rabbit
  • Bill of Hare
  • Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare
  • Ducking the Devil
  • The Fright Before Christmas
  • Superior Duck
  • The Old Grey Hare
  • Fast and Furry-ous
  • Carrotblanca
  • Falling Hare
  • Forward March Hare
  • The Goldbrick (Snafu Cartoon)
  • Merlin the Magic Mouse
  • The Ducksters
  • Spies (Snafu Cartoon)
  • The Coo-Coo Nut Grove
  • Porky's Duck Hunt

The DVD contains 18 cartoons, most of which are double-dipped from previous collections.

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