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This page is for Marvin the Martian from ANYBODY'S viewpoint!

Marvin the Martian
Voiced by
Eric Bauza
Marvin the Martian is a geeky little alien who vows to destroy the earth. Marvin is still a nerdy misfit with a laser pistol. He owns a martian dog, K-9. He also has an army of martians, called Instant Martians. He used to live on Mars before he was unwillingly exchanged to a high school on earth, where he happened to meet his best friends Pete Puma, Porky Pig, and Daffy Duck. He also appears in the Tweety Tunes short, I Was a Tweeting Robot, where he abducts Tweety to study cuteness, and leaves a Robot Tweety in his place.

Marvin the Martian as seen on his home planet, Mars.