Officer Yosemite is an episode that will be in season 6 of The Looney Tunes Show.


Yosemite Sam escapes jail, and shoves a policeman in his place, and locks the policeman behind the bars. Yosemite steals his uniform and pretends to be a cop. He takes this to his advantage, and he arrests people throughout town:

Name: Bugs Bunny Crime: Pooping on Toilet Property

Name: Daffy Duck Crime: Unsupervised Breathing

Name: Porky Pig Crime: Being Too Pink

Name: Lola Bunny Crime: ......You're Weird.....

Name: Speedy Gonzales Crime: Being Impolitically Correct

Name: Granny Crime: Crusty Old Person

Yosemite Sam arrests everyone in the world, for no reason.