This is Speedy's pizzeria. It is a main location on the show, and one of the most popular hangouts in town.


  • In Mcdonalds Comes to Town, this restaurant is a part of Mcdonalds.
  • There is a Pac-Man machine in the back of the restaurant.


In Mcdonalds Comes to Town, this commercial was introduced, and only debuted for that only episode. Chorus: Pizzarriba! Pizzarriba!

Speedy: Come to Speedy's pizza place and put both your feet up bring a hundred friends with you, there's plenty of room I will bring more pizza than your tummy can eat up once you taste my pizza your tastebuds'll go boom! Chorus: Pizzarriba! Pizzarriba!

Commercial attendant: Come to Pizzariba, a soft Mexican pizza legend. Actually the ONLY one. We're the lucky one! Now, Speedy will offer you pizza for just $4.99, only at Mcdonalds, where taste is king!

Chorus: Pizzarriba! Pizzarriba!

(Prince turns off TV)

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