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This page is for Porky Pig from ANYBODY'S viewpoint!

Porky Pig
Petunia Pig (wife, invalid)
Priscilla Pig (daughter)
Porky Pig Juniors (Sons)
Pincus Pig (uncle)
Pinky Pig (nephew)
Patrick Pig (brother)
Percy Pig (brother)
Portis Pig (brother)
Peter Pig (brother)
Cicero Pig (nephew)
Voiced by


Porky's wide-eyed, boyish innocence sometimes makes him an easy target, but he's always honest and just wants everything to turn out right. He is best friends with Bugs & Daffy in almost every episode. He goes a little crazy with Daffy in Bad Mouth were he & Daffy use bleeped out graphic swearing not knowing what the word means untill Bugs warns them. His middle name is Noah, a reference to Noah's Ark. He went to jail in Porky Goes To Jail. In a deleted scene Regular Show X The Looney Tunes Show: Cross Generation He and Petunia are married with Foghorn and Miss Prissy in a fake double wedding and have a daughter named Priscilla Pig. In Youth Group, Porky reminds Daffy of all the mean things the duck has done to him. Daffy later becomes a follower of Jesus and apologizes to Porky, but when Daffy and Porky were almost killed by weasels, Lenny the Cucumber devours the weasels, and Daffy and Porky.