Richard Watterson (voiced by Dan Russell) - A massive pink rabbit who usually just spends all of his time sleeping, playing video games, eating, and occasionally not even bothering to get dressed. He has a large appetite and is a voracious eater. He often serves as a third-wheel to his sons' misadventures and cares for his family very much. Richard has yielded the title of "the laziest person in Elmore" ever since the summer of 1983. Richard seems to be a stay-at-home dad who does not appear to have any degree of responsibility or intelligence, although he temporarily had a pizza delivery job in "The Job". It has also been proven in this episode that Richard is not meant to be employed and the fabric of the universe would be torn apart as a result. Richard's lack of intelligence has been proven many times throughout the series, such as when he threw batteries and cookies to turn on the TV because the remote wasn't working, and he climbed up a rooftop just to pelt the satellite dish with batteries again and causing it to slide off the roof, taking himself with it. Despite this, he was smart enough to trick his sons and daughter, and hide a treasure no one is meant to open. He is noted to talk in his sleep, explaining why Nicole knew about Richard's folly in purchasing an unknown and dysfunctional package he bought online, also the reason to why the Watterson family cannot afford regular middle class items, like groceries, a new TV or renovate their house. Richard always has good, meaningful and constructive intentions, but he never bothers to figure out what is going on. He will appeared in Heroes, Partners & Backups State Finals.

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