Road Runner is a song sung by Wile E. Coyote. The song is about how Wiley risks his life trying to catch Road but wont give up.


Wile E: I am a coyote the best dog in the west.

Risking his life trying to catch a certain fast pest.

Road Runner: Meep Meep (blblbp)

Wile E: (chasing Road) Road Runner is his name & one day I will catch him. Ha! But even though I always fail! (anvil falls on his head) Grrrr. I wont give up!

Female Coyotes: Wile E. Coyote!

(Road is shown playing an arcade machine in a video arcade)

Wile E: He beats me at almost everything.

Road: Meep Meep!

Wile E: (grabs Road) Video games are included but every time I fail!

(Road runs off)

Wile E: (cries) I won't give up!

Female Coyotes: Super Genuies.

(Wile E. walks into an ACME store)

Wile E: W/ everything I can I buy at ACME ya! They give me everything to help me have luck. (buys an ACME Rocket Car)

(Wile sits in his car fireing it up)

Road: (zooms) Meep Meep!

Wile E: (Chases Road) But when I buy them all they fail a lot (car blows up) & sometimes it makes me want to shout out F-f-f-f-f......................fiddlesticks

(Bugs Bunny comes in)

Bugs: Eh Fiddlesticks?

Wile E: Sure now get out of here before I conforce you!

Wile E: I wont give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Road: Meep Meep (blblblp) (runs off)


  • This was the 1st time Road Runner was shown as his cartoon self & the 3rd time Wile E. was shown like that.
  • This was the 1st time Wile E. talked in The Looney Tunes Show
  • The arcade game Road was playing was intitled Blast the Coyote.