This is a Road Runner and Wile E. Coyte CGI short, that will be shown alongside the episode "Good Luck Charlie Dog." This short came after "Wile E. Coyote Kills the Road Runner" and before "Coyote Barfs."


Wile is chasing Road Runner, when suddenly he stumbles and falls of a cliff. Wile realizes that he will never be able to catch the speedy creature on foot, so he orders a giant killing-machine robot from the Acme Corporation. It arrives instantly and falls from the sky and squashes him, just like every other product he buys.

He jumps in the robot, turns it on, and chases after Road Runner. They have a long chase throught the desert, and finally, Wile catches Road. He picks up Road with the giant robot arm. This makes Road naucious, and he vomits all over the robot, causing it to malfuction and explode, sending Wile flying through the air, while Road Runner is placed safetly on the ground. Road Runner says his trademark "Meep! Meep!" and then runs off through the desert.


  • Road Runner's vomit was the same color as Wile's vomit in the short "Coyote Barfs" which came after this short.
  • In the episode this short was shown with, Porky Pig is actually seen vomiting during the Charlie Dog farting scene.

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