After Anais and Lola get into a fight, they think they should go sisterless.Lola moves out and into Bugs's house. Daffy say that he dosn't want to see Lola everyday so he moves out and into Tina's. Then Danielle gets mad that he's living with them, so she hangs out with Anais. At the end, Anais and Lola finally make up.



Lola: *comes backafter a messy house and sees everything and screams* WHAT DID YOU DO?!

Anais: i saw the big mess in your room, i wanted to clean it up for you.

Lola: But everything was organized?!

Anais: But whenever I make messes, you get mad?

Lola: But this is MY mess. In MY house!

Anais: Sorry, i thought i would make you happy.

Lola: Happy? HAPPY?! Why do you always cause trouble?!

Anais: I don't! I TRY to make you happy, but you always get mad?!

Lola: But WHY don't you cause trouble for ANOTHER person?!

Anais: Oh i see. You don't want me to live with you?! Do you??


Anais: Well fine... maybe we should go sisterless!!!

Lola: FINE!

Anais: OKAY! Bye, un-sister!

Lola : Whatever!

Lola: Ugh, wheres that stupid drawing she made.

  • Lola looks at it and its of Anais and Lola and Lola starts to get tears in her eyes*

Lola: WAAAAHH! MY ONE AND ONLY SISTER! WHAT'VE I DONE! With Warner Bros. as my witness, i will never be sisterless again!

Anais: *hanging out with Danielle and realizes Lola comes back*

Lola: Anais!

Anais: Oh it's you again... (says sarcasticlly) you better be careful! You might get a "mess" on you.

Lola: Anais, i know things have been rough latley. But maybe you can come home and we can try to make some outfits?

Anais: You want ME to go home with YOU and do stuff YOU want?!

Lola: *neverusly nods head yes*

Anais: Ugh. forget it.

Daffy: (to Danielle) Oh it's you again.....

Danielle: Yup... The battles not over yet. Stinky diaper!

Daffy: Don't call me stinky diaper, you (bleep)

(everybody gasps)

Daffy: What's wrong with saying (bleep)?


Daffy: It's true though?

Danielle: *says in demonic voice* NO ITS NOT.

Daffy: Oh look! Im sooooo scared!

Danielle: (punches Daffy)


  • This is the second time Daffy says (bleep). The first was in Bad Mouth.