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This page is for Sniffles the Mouse from ANYBODY'S viewpoint!

Sniffles the Mouse
May 14
Songs sung
Speedy Gonzales (friend)

Tweety (friend)
Lola (former owner)

Voiced by
Thomas D. Coyote

Sniffles is a cute young mouse who first appears in The Looney Tunes Show opening. He made his debut in The Looney Tunes Show season 2 episode "Mouse Daze." In the film, he must join forces with Speedy and Tweety to defeat Sylvester. Sniffles next appeared in the episode "What You Get," this time paired with Lola Bunny. He is captured by her and taken in as her pampered pet, but he runs away. Sniffles stared in his very own Merrie Melodies, self-titled "Sniffles," again paried with Lola. Sniffles appeared in the WB Outro in "Mouse Daze," saying "That's all, folks!" Sniffles appears in a The Looney Tunes Show coloring book as well.

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