Template:Episode''Italic text'' Tweety is getting tired of getting chased ALL of the time so he tries to find something else. He then meets Sweetie Pie, and he is completley starstruck for her. But when Sweetie gets all crazy, he is afraid to see her again. So he asks Bugs on how to deal with her. He says the perfect thing to do, is to get all crazy around HER too so maybe it might calm her down. Tweety really dosen't want to try it, but it's his only choice. So he tries it, and Sweetie gets really confused. Tweety then admits that she is just really crazy and says she "needs to learn self control." Sweetie gets really mad, and starts acting all nerdy because of what he said, so now Tweety wants to bring Sweetie back to her crazy self again before she stays nerdy forever, and at the end, Tweety goes back to being chased by Sylvester, ALONG with Sweetie.

The episode begins at Grannys house... and you see Tweety getting chased by Sylvester

Tweety then sighs and says in his head "this is just getting old. Either that or i'm feeling old."

Sylvester then says in his head "What's the point? He's to fast for me. BUT WHO CARES?!"

Tweety then stops and says "STOP! Don't you think we should take a break from this?"

Sylvester says "what do you mean take a break? it would ruin this whole cartoon."

Tweety says "umm, this is the whole plot of this episode."

Sylvester- "Ooooh. BUT this is only temporary, right?"

Tweety- "yeah. i guess."

Sylvester- "okay." while he's walking away he says to himself, "hmm, maybe i should try that girly mouse thing."

Tweety walks out of the house and yells "FREEDOM!!" and the song "dancing in the street" comes on.

The song then cuts when Sweetie sees him and waves.

Tweety just wave back and says "maybe she is taking vacation from this kind of stuff?"

Sweetie then says "woah. naah, hes not the kind i'm looking for."

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