Temporary Bellhop is episode of The Looney Tunes Show


Floyd is going to see his uncle, Al Minton. The bellhop is sick and Floyd helps Al for the hotel. Floyd is gonna become a “temporary bellhop".


  • Al: So, Floyd, how would like become a temporary bellhop?
  • Floyd: What's in it for me?
  • Al: Well, the bellhop called in sick. You gonna do the temporary job.
  • Floyd: You got it.

  • Al: Okay, let's get start it. This lugggae to be deliever to each room. pronto. Now get to work.
  • Floyd: Yes, Uncle.

  • Al: Yes, I'll have it send it right up to you. Temporary Bellhop!
  • (Floyd arrives)
  • Floyd: Yes, Uncle?
  • Al: I need you to deiever the desert tray to the conference room.
  • Floyd: Yes, Uncle.

Secret Ending

  • Aquaman: High drama on the high seas. Oh, do I have a tale for you, my precious family. But it seems you have a better one. [Grunting] What in Neptune's beard? [Thumping] These are no ordinary starfish.
  • Man: They are not starfish at all. They have traveled a billion light years as the vanguard of an unstoppable conqueror. I am its herald the Faceless Hunter.
  • Aquaman: [Grunting] How ironic, that the very face of evil has none.
  • All: [Chanting] Starro lives. Starro lives. Starro lives. Starro lives.
  • Aquaman: Fluke, we must alert Batman. [Gasps] [Grunting] [Facless Hunter throws a Starro on Aquaman's face] [Mind Control] Starro lives. Starro lives. Starro lives. Starro lives.
  • Faceless Hunter: And now to neutralize the rest of Earth's defenses and prepare the way for the great Starro invasion.
  • [To be continued...]

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